Lucky Charm

Short on ideas for a Saint Patrick’s Day blog post I decided to solicit some from a bunch of my mom friends. Wow. For a holiday largely associated with anything and everything green I sure got some colorful ideas. One friend suggested staging a mock bar scene with kids knocking back green milk from their sippy cups. My sister, in the throes of potty training her 2-year-old twins, suggested constructing a rainbow ending with a kid sitting on (this is bad) a potty of gold. While these ideas may be conceptually clever, both are hard to pull off.

One idea that held a lot of promise was taking shots of children watching a Saint Patrick’s Day parade, eyes wide and arms outstretched, catching strings of green beads and clapping for the bagpipes. In Old Town Alexandria, nary a holiday passes without a parade so this should have been a breeze. On the day of the parade I arrived early and staked out my spot along the route. As the festivities got under way though, I realized I couldn’t go around snapping pictures of other people’s kids lest someone call the cops on me. I hadn’t even thought to bring a stack of business cards to hand out. I didn’t take a single photo.

It just so happens this same mom-of-the-parade-idea has a lovely little red-headed girl. Her great-great-grandfather was from Ireland and that makes her Irish enough in my book to win a place as my Saint Patrick’s Day feature.

And what says Saint Patrick’s Day more than a bonny lass enjoying a fat green shamrock cookie? It was a winning idea if I ever heard one. There was just one small hitch. At 21 months, this sweet little girl is cutting her molars. Give her a sugary green cookie and you end up with an abundance of crumbs and green drool. Ah, that’s the luck of the Irish for you.

Despite the slobber it was a lovely shoot. Cheerful and inquisitive, she happily explored the garden while munching away. Somehow the cookie even held up. She must have been my lucky charm.

The delicious cookies are from the Firehook Bakery and Coffee House in Old Town.

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