Hide & Seek

My daughter loves to play hide and seek. Or hide anyway. She’s not too fond of seeking, but the hiding part she loves. You can count to ten before you seek or you can count to 100. She’s not coming out for anything. Seriously, if I was pressed to get something done without interruption all I would have to do is ask her if she wanted to play hide and seek. After the two seconds it would take her to hide I’d have the afternoon to myself.

She’s the polar opposite of her twin cousins, who jump out shrieking “Here I am!” and fall over in a fit of giggles before you can count to three. I envision losing her in a store some day only to find her hiding after a 2-hour frantic search.

Where she could use a little work is in the actual hiding department. She will hide in the same place 10 times in a row. Or she will push you away to “seek” as she steps back into the hiding place where you just found her. She thinks if she can’t see you, you can’t see her. She will hide in plain sight with her face pressed into a corner, though, to her credit, she’s usually behind a door. The best is when she hides against a wall. She turns her head to one side to make herself flat and, apparently, invisible.

This is where she chose to hide the other night. That’s my baby, on our bed. My husband and I stood over her shaking our heads and trying our best to contain our laughter. Once we managed to compose ourselves he slowly counted to ten before commencing the seeking. At some point I realized I had ample time to get my phone from the kitchen and snap a few photos. I probably had time to get out my camera but I loved this photo so much I didn’t bother. I couldn’t imagine anything sweeter.

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