Sweet Little Man

If you have a baby you know how much they change in the first year. It’s astounding really. They go from tiny little bundle to miniature person in the blink of an eye. My daughter is not even two-and-a-half and I can barely remember those first 12 months. Seeing these bright, inquisitive eyes and new little teeth brought it all back. It was such fun taking this sweet little man’s first year photos.

Merry Wishes

I love The Holiday Card. Every year I start planning mine sometime around, oh, early July. Yet somehow I never manage to get them out early. Not by a long shot. On time would even be nice but there’s always a breakdown between my planning and execution phases. This year was no exception. I mailed the bulk of my cards out just today, on Christmas Eve.

If you usually receive a card from me but haven’t yet, chances are you haven’t been cut from my list. Assuming the post office stays afloat you should receive it before we ring in the new year. In the meantime, here’s a little preview with some of my favorite photos from 2012.

Merry wishes this magical season and throughout the new year!

Bring on the Holiday Cards!

Here it is only two and a half weeks from Christmas, and I’ve only received a handful of holiday cards. I’m a little surprised, and a little sad. Where are all the holiday cards? I love The Holiday Card! Granted, I haven’t sent mine out yet. Okay, I haven’t ordered mine yet. But I will, soon.

I did, however, order these for my sister. How sweet are these little guys?