The Holiday Card

To me, one of the best things about the holidays is the Holiday Card. I love everything about the Holiday Card. Just the political correctness of the term Holiday Card makes me grin (and roll my eyes).

I love how every year around the first of December every trip to the mailbox is packed full of suspense. Will I get any holiday cards today? Who will they be from? I love guessing whose I will receive first (Heidi’s) and whose will come last (Ali’s, but does it cease to be a holiday card if you get it in April?).

Oh, and the Holiday Newsletter. I love the wonder and mystique of the Holiday Newsletter. Really, who is this omniscient narrator who watches over my friends and family and painstakingly records every last detail of the year for them?

I love the endless variety of sizes and colors and styles of cards, the folded card, the flat card and the mac-daddy of them all, the photo card. I love how much you learn from the photo card—who owns matching snowflake sweaters, who got a dog, who vacationed at the beach, or who had a baby. Which brings me to the Holiday Card Birth Announcement. Love it.

One of my all-time favorite holiday cards is the birth announcement I made for my sister. Pregnant with twins, she was stuck at home on bed rest and, if you can believe this, without internet access. Since she couldn’t move and couldn’t shop on-line she was overjoyed when I said I would take care of her birth announcements. It’s not every day Santa delivers 4-pound angels but that year he did and I was lucky enough to be able to design a Holiday Card Birth Announcement.

I love designing all types of stationery—holiday cards, birth announcements, wedding invitations, thank yous and especially (big surprise) photo cards. I love taking the photos and crafting a message that is fitting and genuine, and I love the satisfaction of creating a card that befits the occasion. This year the only holiday card I made was my own which, I confess, is still at the printer. But in 2012 I will be up and running again in the Holiday Card department.

Best wishes for the holidays and throughout the new year!

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