4thFest & Fireworks

There’s nothing more American than celebrating independence day with festivities and fireworks. But let’s face it: Not all fireworks displays are created equal. When you think of awesome pyrotechnic displays it’s the big cities that come to mind. Boston probably tops the list, followed by Washington D.C. and of course New York City. From Philadelphia to San Francisco, Chicago to Honolulu, big cities = fireworks bonanza.

Turns out though, that my hometown of State College, Pennsylvania has one of the top rated fireworks displays in the country. That’s right, Happy Valley, with a population of only 40-something-thousand, edges out the big cities with its 4thFest celebration.

The 4thFest fireworks display was ranked the third largest, biggest and best annual Fourth of July fireworks in the United States by “Fireworks Guide” (whatever that is) and the Discovery Travel Channel called the 4thFest fireworks “one of the best fireworks displays in the world.

What? Why? How could this be? Well, it just so happens that State College is also hometown to Pyrotechnics Management, Inc., the company that pioneered the world’s most advanced digital fireworks firing and choreography system.

Just some more random holiday trivia that has nothing to do with photography. In case you’re wondering about the fireworks photo, it’s actually a digital photograph (which I took today) of a photo I took years ago with (if you can believe it) a film camera. Not too shabby.

Wherever you may be celebrating this 4th of July, I hope the festivities are fabulous and the fireworks spectacular.

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