That’s a Pumpkin!

Sometime in early October my husband and I started talking up Halloween. We were hoping to get our daughter excited about knocking on strangers’ doors and soliciting candy. She’ll do just about anything for M&Ms so it hasn’t been that hard of a sell. At least in concept (the concept being chocolate, not ghosts and goblins). Getting her to say Halloween has taken some effort. It’s not that she can’t pronounce it, because she can, but for weeks she insisted on calling it McQueen. As in, Lightning McQueen, which is funny because she has never even seen Cars, she has just heard her 3-year-old twin cousins jabber incessantly about McQueen and Mader. They’re as infatuated with those little guys as our daughter is with Elmo. But I digress…

We spent yesterday and today trapped inside by the rain from Hurricane Sandy. Our pumpkins sat inside the foyer, brought in from the porch where high winds threatened to launch them into orbit. They practically begged us to give them faces. And so began our daughter’s introduction to the fine Halloween tradition of carving the jack-o’-lantern.

As we soon found out, there’s not a whole lot a 2-year-old can do to actively participate in the pumpkin carving process. She can’t draw the face, wield the knives or scoop out the seeds. Well, she may have been able to scoop except that she refused to stick her hands in the pumpkin. She apparently had no qualms about sticking her entire head inside the pumpkin. I guess the best view is from the inside out.

When it was all said and done she seemed pretty pleased with our newly carved jack-o’-lantern. She planted a big kiss on his cheek and declared: That’s a pumpkin! Who can argue?

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Linda - November 2, 2012 - 1:58 pm

These are so cute! And Paul is a pumpkin carver extraordinaire! Didn’t you get a little nervous with her face so close to that knife? I would have been barking, “Get back! You’re too close!” I manage to ruin all fun moments…

Cynthia Roelle - November 2, 2012 - 5:25 pm

Nope, wasn’t a bit nervous. After all, it wasn’t my face. JK! Actually, Paul wasn’t cutting when her face was that close. He would pause and wait until she moved. Since we were trapped inside anyway we weren’t in any hurry to get done.

You would have had a heart attack when I was sewing her Elmo costume. She wanted to feel how sharp the pins were so I gave her the pin cushion! Before you freak out, I only let her have it for a minute and I watched her like a hawk the whole time. But the way I see it, poke youself with a pin and you won’t soon forget how sharp it is!

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