First Day of Preschool: Bumblebees & Butterflies

First Day 002My daughter is napping today for the first time in 3 months. I guess the first day of preschool can really wipe out a 3-year-old. Though disappointed to find out she wouldn’t be riding the school bus, she was otherwise pretty excited about starting school. Until this morning.

At breakfast she ate just a few bites, then told me she wasn’t feeling well. She said she wanted to lie down for a while. Say what? That’s a first. When I told her we could go to the doctor instead of going to school she quickly dropped that delay tactic.

She wouldn’t cooperate with my first day photo shoot. Though, to be honest, she’s pretty uncooperative in the photo department even on the best of days. She dragged her feet and ever so briefly even turned on the water works.

Happily, her butterflies disappeared the moment we walked into her classroom—the 3-year-old bumblebees class. She immediately took flight, looking back only once to say goodbye.

Three hours later my husband and I were greeted by our cheerful little bumblebee. She excitedly told us how much fun she had—playing, reading books, and singing songs. She even sat on the big potty! (Woo hoo!)

In the car on the ride home she was unusually quiet. I could tell she was fighting sleep, and that sleep was going to win. As she was nodding off I heard her mumble: “I had a weird day mama.”

Hmm, a weird day? I wonder what that’s about. It’s particularly intriguing because I can’t think of a time when she has used the word “weird” before, and certainly not to describe her day. I asked what was weird about it but she conked out before she could explain. I can’t wait until she wakes up and I get the back story. If she ever wakes up. It has been 2-and-a-half hours and she’s still sleeping!

First Day 001
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